It all starts with the engine.

Thousands of hours of initial development take place on the world class MUGEN engine dyno. Then, each engine is rigorously hand re-built over seven days and tested, to ensure it meets the highest standards. If it doesn’t have MUGEN power, it doesn’t make it.

Power boost

MUGEN engineers then add a new camshaft and a modified intake system, ramping up power to 240ps and boosting torque by 10% through the rev range. Bespoke pistons are added to increase the compression ratio, then breathing is enhanced by fitting a custom stainless steel exhaust system and MUGEN airbox.

Finally a bespoke MUGEN map for the ECU allows the engine to really fly. It’s all unmistakeably MUGEN. Hot off the track and ready for the road.

“MUGEN engineers pay incredible attention to detail when rebuilding an engine.”

Hiroki Toyoda - MUGEN vice president